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Navarino Vineyards

Costa Navarino has delved into the world of vinification, and is now presenting its first wines, which were created by Navarino Vineyards in collaboration with acclaimed Greek vintners. The destination’s organic vineyards are located in an area covering 55
hectares. These old vines grow in an area that has ideal climate –a main characteristic of this location- which due to its temperature variation between morning and night, the right elevation and level of humidity is fit for producing grapes distinguished for their
excellence. The end result brings out the unique characteristics of the Messinian soil.

The series of wines aptly named 1827, due to the historical naval battle of Navarino, comprises of a white
wine combining Chardonnay with Roditis, and a red Cabernet Sauvignon. The Kotyle series –its name
inspired by a clay drinking cup known as King Nestor’s Cup- produces a white Chardonnay matured in a barrel
for 4-5 months. The vineyards have already made an entrance to the wine lists of well-known restaurants and also recently presented their version of the traditional Greek spirit, tsipouro, which combines Ugni blanc and Roditis

The oenological experience at Costa Navarino, becomes complete through the participation in wine tasting seminars that take place under the guidance of acclaimed sommeliers and wine consultants. Following their visit to the vineyards, guests discover the history of wine and renowned varieties from all around Greece.
During hourly seminars that take place daily at Enoteca, participants learn about the wine tasting techniques and the main characteristics of varieties which can be found not only in Messinia and Peloponnese, but also in other areas of Greece.

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1827 CABERNET SAUVIGNON Navarino Vineyards


Deep, almost opaque rubu, with intense aromatic expression, velvety tannins and complex aftertaste. 14.5% vol

€13,30 Excluant l'expédition
soit €17,73 le 1 lt

1827 CHARDONNAY Navarino Vineyards


Kotyle White is based on Chardonnay, avariety which,although French, has been cultivated in the region for over forty years. 13% alc.

€11,90 Excluant l'expédition
soit €15,87 le 1 lt

1827 ROSE SYRAH Navarino Vineyards


1827 Rosé Wine comes from mountain vineyards (elevation 500 m.) in the historic land of Messinia and is made from Syrah. 750ml

€11,95 Excluant l'expédition
soit €15,93 le 1 lt



Kotyle Red Wine comes from non- irrigated, low-yield vineyards in Messinia, at an elevation of 800 meters. Old vines long maturation in meters.

€29,90 Excluant l'expédition

KOTYLE CHARDONNAY Navarino Vineyards


Kotyle White is based on Chardonnay, avariety which,although French, has been cultivated in the region for over forty years. 13% alc.

€18,50 Excluant l'expédition


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