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Askada Farm

The farm is located in ASKADA Kymi , in an area known for its famous dried figs .
A quality product that thrives in specific and limited microclimate Aegean countryside.

The FARM ASKADA primary objective has been producing quality dry natural figs biological
culture and other products based on the figs , figs like energy bar, sykomelo , jam dry
fig etc. Applying parallel , principles of good cultivation management , achieve sustainable
management and environmental protection .

Dealing with organic farming and creating quality products is not something that came now .
It's a way of life followed and comes from old . Are the memories of her grandmother and grandfather with
" vagioules " and cauldrons . It is the wisdom that exists in the traditional mode of production and culture
estates . Is stubbornness towards convenience offered by companies with chemical fertilizers
and intensive use of land .

Mostly, it's love at pout that prompted us to tell our own stories pout , transforming
the .. but keeping it just like that . As the learned .

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Organic Fig Syrup Askada 125g


The sykomelo, a new and unique product for the Greek market, forgotten for years as used by previous generations as a natural sweetener.

€7,45 Excluant l'expédition
soit €59,60 le 1 lt

Organic Sundried Greek Figs Askada


Dry fig known for its rich nutritional value, such as iron, calcium, etc. (300gr)

€6,50 Excluant l'expédition
soit €21,67 le 1 kg(s)

Sundried Figs Marmelade Askada


Made from dried figs, lemon and sugar rapadura.(380ml)

€6,60 Excluant l'expédition
soit €17,37 le 1 lt

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